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Educational Opportunities 

    • Constructing book supports at a CCAHA workshop

RAP organizations offer training and educational programs for professional collections managers. Topics range from environmental monitoring and disaster planning and mitigation, to housekeeping for historic houses and preserving electronic records. Please click on an event for more details.

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Developing a Disaster Plan (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: All libraries, archives and museums need knowledgeable staff and advanced planning to deal with the emergency situations that arise. This preparation allows for a quicker response and…

Managing Oversized Materials: Care, Handling and Preservation of Posters, Maps, and Other Large Pages in Our Collections (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Architectural drawings, large maps, big works of art on paper, can be fascinating treasures in our collections but can also cause frustrations. How do we transport and…

Boxes within Boxes: Caring for Historic Structures and Collections (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Presented By: NEDCC

Description: Your historic building is not only the first line of defense for any collections held within,

it is often the largest and most complicated item in your…

Identification and Preservation of Prints (Bryn Mawr, PA)

Presented by: CCAHA

Prints of various time periods, from fine art to more common ephemera, are often prevalent in collections.  The preservation of prints must consider the intricacies of media, the…

Promotion and Outreach for Preservation (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Are you looking for ways to start new projects? Do you need support for better care of your collections? Why not take something you are already doing…

Security in and with Collections in Libraries, Archives and Museums (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Security is an important part of collections management. But many libraries, archives, and museums do not give it enough attention because theft and vandalism don’t happen, only…

Oral Histories: Care and Preservation from the Start (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Popularity of oral histories has been increasing since the mid 20th century when they were used as a research tool to discover the stories of the people behind…

Audiovisual Preservation (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Audiovisual materials come in many formats and can be found throughout our collections. They may be audio recordings of oral histories on reel to reel tape,…

Disaster Response and Recovery: A Hands-on Intensive (Pittsburgh, PA)

Presented by: CCAHA

Thoughtful preparation for an emergency or disaster is one of the most important steps that a cultural institution can take to safeguard collections.  This day-long, hands-on program will…

Disaster Response and Recovery: A Hands-on Intensive (Erie, PA)

Presented by: CCAHA 

Thoughtful preparation for an emergency or disaster is one of the most important steps that a cultural institution can take to safeguard collections.  This day-long, hands-on program will…

Storage Boxes for Flat and 3-D Objects (Philadelphia, PA)

Presented by: CCAHA

This workshop will examine options for the safe storage of flat and three dimensional artworks and historic artifacts.  Participants will be introduced to general parameters for storage, safe…

Protecting Collections: Disaster Prevention, Planning, & Response - Part II (Providence, RI)

Presented by: CCAHA

One of the most important steps a cultural institution can take to safeguard its collections is to be prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster. This …

Out of The Ordinary: Preserving Paper-Based Ephemera (Portland, OR)

Presented by: CCAHA

This symposium will examine the myriad of challenges faced in preserving a wide variety of non-standard paper items produced in the 19th and 20th centuries, including paper dolls,…

Archives Preservation (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Preservation is a fundamental component to any archival program. This class will provide students with a practical approach to preserving the manuscript collections and records housed in…

Digitization for Small Institutions (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Participants will work with the instructor to answer a series of questions designed to help them start a digitization program. The class is based on a series…

Digital Directions: Fundamentals of Creating and Managing Digital Collections (Raleigh, NC)

Presented By:       NEDCC

Description: Guided by a faculty of national experts, join colleagues from institutions large and small for 2 1/2 days of instruction on best practices and practical strategies…

Preservation of Photographic Materials

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Photographic materials present significant preservation concerns in cultural heritage collections. They are often heavily used and are fragile and susceptible to damage due to improper handling and…

Introduction to Digital Audio (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: This class taught in two, two-hour sessions over the course of two days will enable students to create an outline of a digital project management plan for…

Fragile Imaging: Lantern Slides, Glass Plate Negatives and Daguerreotypes (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: This two-hour online class will help you lay some of the basic groundwork needed to evaluate the condition of fragile nineteenth century materials and plan for their…

Legal Issues in Collections Management: What Can Go Wrong? (Philadelphia, PA)

Presented by: CCAHA

Designed for any staff involved in collections care, this workshop is an interactive primer on the legal issues involved in conservation and management of cultural collections.  Team-taught by…